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Music Bingo - Fun for Everyone!

Music Bingo is the perfect blend of bingo and music trivia. With numerous genres and themes to choose from, music bingo is a great event for bars and restaurants and has proven especially popular at wineries and breweries but can also be a fun time at a private party or event!

DJ Last Call Music Bingo

What is Music Bingo?

  • Each session is 3 hours and contains 6 winners and 2 separate "rounds."

    • Single Line​

    • Three Lines

    • Complete Blackout

  • Each round is a different bingo card with a different theme such as

    • 80's​

    • 90's

    • Movie Soundtracks

    • Billboard Top Hits

  • Prizes for each round provided by and at discretion of event hosts

  • DJ Plays music and players mark off the singer or song on their card 


Customized to your event

  • Music themes and bingo card categories can be customized to your event or crowd

  • Bingo for charity - allow players to purchase extra cards with all proceeds going to a charity of your choice 


DJ Last Call Goes Green

All bingo cards are laminated and use dry erase markers (which I provide). This not only reduces waste but also makes it stress free for the players who are often drinking and marking as they go. No worrying about spilling on your card, it will wipe right off and you can keep on playing!

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